My Life Is My Own

I get extremely irritated when people hide their controlling nature's by giving me "advice" about how I live my life. What is this overwhelming need that some have to try and interfere in anyone's life other than their own. And it's not like they have everything figured out either, but instead of taking control of... Continue Reading →


Trip To The Zoo

...we decided to go on one of our own and explore the zoo...


On some days, I feel like I have this deep rooted need for people to truly see me for who I am. It is on these days that I find myself connecting with the few people who have taken the time and effort to know me well enough to be called a friend, and also... Continue Reading →

Fantasy or Lie

My eldest daughter was six when the childhood fairy tale of believing in Santa and the Tooth Fairy etc. came crashing down as she figured out that they weren't real. There came no tears or upset from her...

Time For A Reboot

Why should I waste this relatively short amount of time that I have on this earth feeling like my life has no meaning or is insignificant?

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