Goodbye 2017


IMG_8902The year is finally drawing to a close and I’m glad that it is. To put it simply, this year has been one of the worst and I don’t have too many good things to say about it. It has been tough, there has been a lot of stress and many tears have been shed.

In light of this though; in the last couple of months, we have managed to sort out a lot of stuff so that for the first time (in a very long time), I can look at the approaching year with some hope. I don’t think that I’ll be breaking my pessimistic default just yet, however, I do kinda feel a bit more in control of my own life and future, and that feels so refreshing.

I do not normally make any resolutions for the new year as I find that the ones that people usually make are unachievable. But this time, I think I will tap into this new found hope and make a few resolutions of my own…

My first resolution will be to always speak my mind. It sounds simple enough, but I’ve fallen into this rut where I only speak my mind with those who are truly close to me and not to others because I fear being judged by them. I have to move past this, so that is why it is top of my list.

Secondly, I need to look after myself better and show myself some love. I have always looked after other people and neglected myself, and when I’ve tried looking after myself better in the past, then I’ve never stuck to it and fallen back into old habits. This resolution is not about losing weight or dieting, it’s about celebrating my achievements and giving myself that pat on the back. It’s about staying true to myself instead of trying to change who I am and it’s about loving myself for who I am.

My final resolution is to dream. When there is hope, then dreams can thrive. I want to dream like I used to… dreaming about big and crazy things, and then I want to set my mind to it and achieve those dreams.

So there you have it, my resolutions for the new year…

Leanne x


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