Parenting in my 20’s vs. my 30’s


I love my daughters very much. They’re beautiful, smart, crazy and healthy. That’s all a mother could ever wish for her children. I was a very youthful 21 years old when my first daughter was born, and even though I didn’t have a clue how to look after this little person, I at least had bucket loads of energy at the time. Which helps tremendously when you are scared out of your whits of dropping this little human and royally messing everything up.

I devoted so much time to entertaining this little girl by reading to her, making art masterpieces, going out and about with her on the back of my bike and loads of other activities that would make this post super long to mention them all. Just four years after having my first daughter, I welcomed a second into this world. I again devoted a lot of time to do all of these activities with her too.

Now I’m 33, and I’ve noticed that since heading into my 30’s that I haven’t got as much energy as I had in my 20’s. To be a little fair to myself, I have a way more hectic work life now than I did in the previous decade of my life, but I think that age does play a factor too. I find that my parenting energy has also taken a hit and even though my kids are older now, I feel that I want to do way more things with them than I have the energy for. I’m trying though. I’m making more of an effort with my fitness to try and gain more energy and just be generally a little bit healthier.

I live in a country where the norm is to start having children in your mid-30’s. Based on my experiences though, I’m glad that I had my kids when I did because it would have been a crying shame for us to miss out on doing all of the activities that we did due to a lack of energy, and a demanding work life.

Those are my musings for today.

Leanne x

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