Fantasy or Lie


My eldest daughter was six when the childhood fairy tale of believing in Santa and the Tooth Fairy etc. came crashing down as she figured out that they weren’t real. There came no tears or upset from her, but I did feel the end of this fantasy period in my daughter’s life in a significant way. It’s like she was growing up far too quickly all of a sudden and wasn’t so much my little girl anymore.

Fantasies and fairy tales are an uncompromising part of childhood in my opinion, and even beyond childhood. I can still sit through fairy tale movies and books and be touched by the stories.

I think that some would say that these fantasies are just a way of lying to children, but I don’t see it that way. There is something magical about the way in which children use their imaginations and dream about these fantastical characters. For those few short years of innocent youth, it’s like anything is possible and I think we need that when we are young. So that we can then grow up into people who can handle what life throws at us and also dream big at the same time.

Leanne x

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